Welcome to my World – Jim Reeves

Well Hello there! Thanks for taking the time to have a peek. Fiona here, owner of Bittmore and I’d like to welcome you to my world.

Jim Reeves? Seriously there are days when I feel older than Gods Granny…

Horses for sure keep me fit physically, no gym membership required when your lugging around 50lb bags of grain or having a ” wee discussion” on line (no not IM’ing, I’m referring to a lead line…sheesh)  with 1000lbs+ of living, breathing, emotional wreck of a horse!

I am the proud Alpha in my herd of four wonderful horses , “MOM!” of three teenagers, pack leader to three wacky dogs, wife to a husband who keeps me sane ( thanks darlin) and though I say so myself the daily domestic goddess in our abode. I have more hats than Philip Treacy and wear each one daily, mostly fitting nicely, sometimes a bit askew but always with love, with the exception of the domestic goddess hat, not too enamored with that one!

Come back soon and find out on what’s going on with me,myself and Bittmore.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the journey!

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