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Bittmore Horses, fun and educational riding instruction and horse training, emphasizing natural methods of horsemanship. Bay Area CA.

I’m a believer – The Monkees

I was asked to write a short article on Natural Horsemanship for another ranch I was working with and what it means to me, my initial reaction was no problem. It’s something I’ve been studying and practising for over a … Continue reading

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Pilgrim – Steve Earle and Del McCoury Band

A post on gates, gaits, history, Chaucer, Saints, pilgrims and an etymological puzzle, oh yes and horse riding. While repairing a broken yard gate, thoughts turned to the word gate and the homophone gait, and I started to wonder where … Continue reading

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September 29th 2113, will go down in my personal history and I’m sure his too, as me and my “Bonnie Laddie’s” BIG DAY! All our preparation paid off big time.  Accept the saddle pad – ok! Accept the saddle – okay! … Continue reading

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Jump – Van Halen

Great session with Santiago today! “Extreme” friendly game. Me jumping around like the Easter Bunny had Santiago looking at me thinking “Ok the Scottish gal’s totally lost it today so I’m just going to ignore her… poor woman”  His owner giggling … Continue reading

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My wee Laddie. I rescued Laddie from a bad situation as a stud colt, yeah just what I needed, and Bittmore needed it even more! A finished lesson horse might have been a wiser business choice but Laddie got to me … Continue reading

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Getting to know you – James Taylor

Good Evening Reader. Bittmore is proud to announce a new guy in training. Santiago is a 7 year old rescue, Thoroughbred Racehorse. He is a beautiful Bay. Standing at 17.2hh he had over 30 starts out of the gate, obviously … Continue reading

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Donkey Riding – Great Big Sea

American Quarter Horses

 Oh you came back! Why thank you!

I can’t remember ever not loving horses,actually a donkey named Duke at The Red Lion Caravan Park, Arbroath, Scotland was my first actual mount and boy did I love that Donkey.I was four years old and my parents had rented a caravan for a week during Summer vacation, it was right beside the beach and on the beach were Donkey’s for hire …I think it’s a British thing, donkeys on beaches? It cost a penny, Gods Granny strikes again! I rode him every day for seven days.

Definition of riding – Keeping the horse (Duke the Donkey in my case) between you and the ground.

You can visit my website to see a picture of me and Duke,you’ll notice I am in a swimsuit with no helmet on, beach riding at it’s finest!

I mentioned that I have four horses so let me tell you a wee bit about them. I have Mystic, Whinnie, Talisker and Laddie the baby of the herd who was two years old in May of this year.

They are all American Quarter Horses.

Mystic is a black and white paint gelding, age unknown but OLD! I retired him this Summer and he is spending his golden years as he did his early years, just being a horse…more about him in a future post

Dalwhinnie (Whinnie) is a bay mare, 13 years old and quite the teenager! She is in my lesson program and is a sweet girl who makes my job easy by teaching “her humans” what NOT to do…more about her in a future post.

Definition of Bay –  chestnut body with 5 black “points” mane, tail, nostrils, tips of ears and lower legs)

Talisker (Mr T ) is a bay gelding, 7 years old and bomb proof! I helped birth him then handed him over to my husband as a one year old stud colt. My husband had been on a horse ONCE in his life! I am a good wife! he needed to get on board with this horse thing FAST! Green on green made black and blue weekly but they figured it out and are nowperfect partners. Talisker is in my lesson program and takes very good care of his humans…more about him in a future post

Bruichladdich (Laddie) is a Rabicano gelding 2 years old and a love bug. I rescued him from a bad situation 8 months ago and started working with him on the ground, preparing him for his future as my personal horse…more about him in a future post.

If you have time to visit my website you can see pictures of my wee herd.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the journey



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Welcome to my World – Jim Reeves

Well Hello there! Thanks for taking the time to have a peek. Fiona here, owner of Bittmore and I’d like to welcome you to my world. Jim Reeves? Seriously there are days when I feel older than Gods Granny… Horses … Continue reading

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