I’m a believer – The Monkees

I was asked to write a short article on Natural Horsemanship for another ranch I was working with and what it means to me, my initial reaction was no problem.
It’s something I’ve been studying and practising for over a decade.

My initial introduction to natural horsemanship ,was being literally dragged, kicking and screaming to a clinic by a good friend who was enthralled by the whole concept. I was sceptical to say the least, coming from Scotland with a traditional riding background in English discipline with Pony Club and Hunter/Jumpers.

My friend eventually wore me down and I agreed to Audit the Clinic, the lengths we will go to for friends. By the end of the first day I was hooked, who knew? horse psychology is interesting.

Who can teach me more about horses? apparently the answer was staring me in the face – who can teach me more about horses? well horses that’s who! What do I need to learn, to be able to communicate effectively with my horse?

When do I apply and release mental, emotional and physical pressure in a manner that my horse understands? why does my horse behaves the way it does? Where do I need to be, mentally, emotionally and physically to be the best human my horse can own?

Developing a partnership with the horse is the essence of natural horsemanship. What does it mean to me? For me natural horsemanship is a way of being. It is a calmness of my mind, heart and soul. It is a longing to better understand a fellow-creature, whose world I stand in awe of and admire in its complexity and innocence.
It is a linguistic journey with a non verbal partner, a journey which I intend to continue for as long as I am given this wonderful opportunity to do so.

I would like nothing more, than for you to join me, do you want to communicate with your horse?

Do you want to learn the subtleties of horse psychology?

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Bittmore Horses, fun and educational riding instruction and horse training, emphasizing natural methods of horsemanship. Bay Area CA.
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