We’ve Only Just Begun – The Carpenters

September 29th 2113, will go down in my personal history and I’m sure his too, as me and my “Bonnie Laddie’s” BIG DAY!

All our preparation paid off big time.  Accept the saddle pad – ok! Accept the saddle – okay! Work at liberty with the saddle – okay!

Unsaddle and bring in a helping hand as I’m too wee to jump up and lie over his back then swing my legs up to lie horizontally on his back (well he is bigger than he was), I needed a hike up! Here’s how it went:-

Helper has Laddie on line and his hand out to give me a hike up. Up and over I went! Laddie looked to his right, into my eye thinking “how the heck did ya get there mom!” I got off and we repeated the game.

Helper – “You need to tighten your belt!”

Me – “Physically or figuratively?”

Helper – “Physically! It’s too loose!”

Me – “Whew…ok” 🙂

Belt in good shape, here we go again, hiked up, Legs up, horizontal on the “boy”

Helper – “are you ready to sit up on him?” 

Me – “Let’s do this thing!”

Next thing I know, there I am, sitting on my boy! He was an absolute superstar. Four hours later I’m still riding the wave. From an un-handled stud colt to today, what a journey and we’ve only just begun…

( Okay – here is the disclaimer! Don’t try this at home kids, it took many hours of appropriate work, preparation and reading the horse, to make it look so easy. One of the most often asked questions to trainers is what or how to do things, but the most important aspect of training is not ‘what’ or even ‘how’ but when and why to do things, that is what is often ignored by horse owners and it is the why that is not always apparent to the casual observer or inexperienced horse lover looking on at the round corrals or arenas. So until next time – stay safe out there!)

Laddie accepting a rider for the first time

Laddie accepting a rider for the first time


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