Stay – Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs

My wee Laddie.

I rescued Laddie from a bad situation as a stud colt, yeah just what I needed, and Bittmore needed it even more! A finished lesson horse might have been a wiser business choice but Laddie got to me emotionally, hook, line and sinker. I spent weeks convincing Mr B to even come out to meet him. Being a good husband and and a great guy all round he eventually succumbed to my insistence and persistence ( I’m a woman! ) and eventually caved. Mr B took one look and said ” He’s beautiful and he has a great attitude” It was a done deal.

Laddie had Crypt Orchid but the late,great, Dr Hibner ( The most wonderful vet and gentleman) came out to do a “partial gelding” He managed to do a full gelding! Thereafter I spent 5 days a week with Laddie working him in the round corral to reduce post op swelling and developing our partnership. I could wax lyrical for hours, suffice to say that our session today had him accept the saddle pad, as a hug. Then we worked on accepting the bit. I had a headstall and snaffle and was quite surprised that he was reluctant as he loves nothing more than to go fetch my stick and string and give it to me., I made a point of putting his “baby” mouthiness to a purpose! He readily accepts my “string” into his mouth…hmmmmm. Mr B and one of my advanced students were watching the session. Ok so lets break the goal into its component parts, headstall AND bit. Take away the headstall, we know for sure he’s mouthy, and VOILA! he took the bit immediately! Again and again he was seeking it…that’s my Laddie!  He has no problem accepting the bit, the headstall…not so much! Guess what we’ll be working on this week?

Here we are at the end of our play date!


Laddie and Fiona


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